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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." a crime spree with a pair of scissors. expensive bay area cars >> there is something seriously wrong with it. >> a crime spree with a pair of scissors, expensive bay area cars targeted for vandalism. the cities where the suspect strikes. we're thinking ah, somebody drunk, or my little kid thought it was a dog that somebody shot, but when we've got closer, holy toledo, it's a bear. >> a mystery carcass catches everybody off guard. who would dump a dead bear outside a business. >> the city where drivers got a chance to do that. >> i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. >> brown made light of his past, simon perez shows us whitman compared her opponent to a vampire. >> putting jerry brown in charges of negotiating with the labor unions around pensions,
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how many people we have in the state government, is like putting count dracula in charge of the blood bank. >> she was very aggressive. >> i have a wife and i come home at night. i don't try to close down the bars in sacramento like i used to when i was governor of sacramento. >> i thought jerry was funny. >> reporter: jokes and jabs aside, the uc davis campus, how to break through the gridlock in sacramento. jerry brown says political experience, meg whitman says that's the problem. >> i've done eight budgets, mauve of them were on time. one was late by a week or two. nothing like this mess. i know how to do it, i have the will power, i have the independence. >> he will bring people together after he is elected governor and it will be a meeting of all the special interests and unions who are there to collect their ious. we have to put a sign on california that says we're open for business. i want to eliminate the factory tax.
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this is a tax that penal lieses taxpayers. >> i have a specific plan not to give a tax break to myself and the billionaires and millionaires, my plan is to invest in clean energy, the green text of the future. >> whitman did a good job of demonstrating her aplomb to go ahead with the debate. jerry was funny, he did a good job, got on his feet, no one got him away from thinking he was too old to be governor. >> the neck one is saturdays in fresno. simon perez, cbs5. as for who won, california viewers are split. our exclusive "eyewitness news" poll taken after the debate shows brown with a 0% lead over whitman and that is within the 4 1/2% margin of error. 23% said there was no clear winner. the candidates were talking about the death penalty tonight. a federal judge in san jose blocked what would have been california's first execution in nearly 5 years.
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convicted killer and rapist albert greenwood brown was set to die thursday but the same judge who recently cleared the way for the execution now says the court needs more time to assess the state's newly that will injection procedures. if you drive a pricey import heads up. cars like bmws and mercedes are being vandalised. we see the damage and a picture of the suspect who has been arrested not once, not twice, but seven times. >> no, that that is not decorative opinion striping on this black mercedes, it's felony vandalism. >> when you see this how toes it make you feel. >> quite upset.? >> this woman who does not want to be identified is one of several possible victims who have had their bmws or others scratched by this woman, 35-
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year-old sin cheney, he was on a steak out and saw her scratch three cars including the black mercedes are you angry? >> no, i'm just upset. i mean i can't be angry, what is done is ton. it's not her first arrest for this kind of vandalism. this is her mug shot from mill pete as where police say she scratched another two cars. knee has been linked to car javarus in sonningdale, and pleasant tonight. he faces one charge but may be linked to 16 other scratched cars. knee targeted shopping malls parking lots. >> she drives a black bmw. >> why scratch those particular cars? >> of course in the investigation we tried to get a statement from her but we were not able the really establish a monthtive behind why she is doing this? there is something seriously wrong with her. she must be very angry about
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something. >> back out here live at the scene of the crime where nee was arrested while she was on bail from those charges in milpitas two weeks ago, as a result her bail was set at a hefty $1 million. >> kiet do at valley fair, thanks kit. gang members were apparently gunning for her brother but, instead, they shot his 6-year-old sister. the girl named leslie was asleep in her home on seminary avenue in oakland when somebody opened fire around 2:15 this morning, police say that about 20 rounds hit that house. one struck leslie in the arm and then lodged in her chest. her sister thinks that the shots were meant for their 18- year-old brother. >> we were all sleeping and i heard like a lot of gunshots and then i woke up and i heard my mom crying and screaming and she had my little sister. >> leslie's injuries are not life-threatening. police say that the gunman hit
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the same home a month ago polls on tuesday. so far no arrests. >> nobody saw this one coming, uc burke he pulled the plug on a number of varsity sports today. staff and coaches tell robert liles they were completely blindsided. say it ain't so, joe. the golden bear baseball team has been knocking the cover off the team off the ball since the first immigrant walked through the gate to ellis island since 1892 has been benched forever. >> it was probably the most difficult meeting i've had. >> reporter: coach davids kerr was told 118 years of baseball history would be eliminated. >> and i don't know what our recourse is for fighting. i wish there were. we didn't seem to be given much hope that it was just a matter of raising money and being able to pay for yourself. >> the university also ripped the mat from beneath the men's and women's gym in as particular team and took the sticks out of the hands of the
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women's lacrosse team. each team will play their last game this season? i can promise this same cal culture will not be the same. >> the most successful team in school history, rugby, was saved by being reduced to a sport that scholarships are now out. >> as i said to the students earlier today, umm, siding which programs was the most difficult part of the plan. >> reporter: the university says it has to save $5 million by 2014 so the teams had to go. students are disaffected. >> i don't really have an opinion. >> i actually have no opinion whatsoever. >> reporter: curious when you consider cuts at uc last year led to students occupying a university building. >> maybe some of them are just like "this is what they deserve or something." i don't think that. >> i think it shows a general disrespect for the student body
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because i don't think we were consulted about it. >> the rugby team was partially saved because think paid their open expenses and cribbed more than $300,000 back to the athletic department. in total 163 student athletes will be affected and ken, get this, 13 coaches will be let go at the close of this school year. >> yeah, really a shame for the sports. a lot of pros in baseball came out of berkeley. >> absolutely. >> robert liles in berkeley. the san bernadino pipeline explosion has claimed an eighth life. he lived 250 feet from the blast site. he suffered severe burns and had been in a drug induced coma until he was taken off life support. today hearings began in washington to require automatic and remote shut office of some transmission lines. the legislation would increase inspections and fines for
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violations. >> a ruptured gas line in alameda today. it happened around 2:00. thanks to leslie defast i don't who sent us this video. the fire department evacuated a dozen hopes. pg&e had it fixed after 6:00. the days of buying cigarettes at costco and safeway are over at least in san francisco. tobacco ban used to apply to drug stores but they gave final approval to banning tobacco sales at all-stars with pharmacies. the mayor has indicated he will sign this bill into law. >> and more record heat around the bay area today. take a look at this. 108 degrees in the shade at the san ramon golf club. only die-hard did you havers were out and roberta, is it going to last much longer? >> today was the last day of triple digits keep. we did have 9 new record high temperatures and not even including one tying event.
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now tomorrow 25 trees cooler in some neighborhoods and i'll pinpoint those locations. a shocker for shoppers. a 300-pound black bear dead in front of a community business. how it ended up there. fixing up tickets. drivers were given a chance to do that at a discount. >> plus night clump #u club dancing -- >> we're coming here to dance and have a good time. >> without the night club scene. >> it's just so much fun. >> coming up in minutes. ,, ,, [ male announcer ] barbara boxer. she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california. her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street
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don't see going to buy lunch meat and cheese: a dead bear. all right. here is something you don't expect to see every day. a bear on the sidewalk. in fact, it's a dead bear found outside the ta r.a. s market, a small store on san leandro market. how the animal got there. >> why dump it in the street. what an inhumane thing. >> mario was stopping in at his san leandro taco shop when he saw something unusual down the sidewalk. >> we were thinking somebody drunk, my kid thought it was a dog, somebody shot. holy toledo it's a bear you know, of all the things, in society, we don't think of a bear being here on the sidewalk. >> it was a bear, a male plaque bear, 300 pounds shot in the
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shoulder. >> i have no idea how it got here. the best thought i got is someone from lake sha bow or some evil joke you know. >> the zoo reportedly has checked and all of its bears are accounted for. besides, they have a different kind of bear. plaque bears are of course monday in california but not in east bay and especially not here in residential san leandro. a spokesman from the department of fish and game says this bear was likely shot elsewhere and dumped here at the ta r.a. s marking lot. >> it has been dead for a while, smelt really bad. it has a big bloody shot, flies around it. it's stiff looking. >> if you have any idea how the bear got here, call the fish and game department. joe vasquez, cbs5. last night fish and game told us it is bear hunting season in the mountains, deer hunting season, but if you kill the bear you have to use all of
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the bear meat. that's the law. you also have to have a tag to take that animal. it is illegal to dump a carcass and to waste game meat. >> some californians repeatedly drive drunk. a drive with 3 d.u.i. convictions will lose his license for 10 years under the law signed by the governor this week. currently it's only 3 years. 9,000 drivers would have fall then to the category for 2008. the law takes effect in 2012. it kind of looks like the map of the red states since 2008. but a study of the states with the worst drivers showed, i kid you not, a correlation between accident rates and states that john mccain carried. north carolina is number 1 for bad drivers. and conversely the states with the best drivers were all the blue states. california actually made the list, believe it or not. we ranked 40th out of the 50 states. >> police say they weren't
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taking payments to settle tickets, they were taking the money and pocketing it. juan hernandez and felix chavez jr. were clerks at the fremont hall of juts. both have been charged with fixing tickets in exchange for hundreds of dollars in cash. police setup a sting when a woman complained that hernandez offered to settle $2,000 in fines for a $600 payment. they say they caught him with the cash still in his pocket. chavez was caught after an audit of the courthouse computers showed phony entries. >> roberta, let's check in with her and see what the rest of the week looks like. it is going to be hot, isn't it. >> could be the hottest day the rest of the year, 105 degrees in livermore. lots of haze. unhealthy ozone. from the eastern portion of our district to the santa clara valley. tomorrow or ace in the valley. you're going to notice patchy stratus, playing tag with the coast, otherwise sun up at 6:57.
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record in livermore 105 going town 10 degrees for your wednesday. san jose a record at 99. 15 degrees cooler in the forecast. that was a record as well. and san francisco going down to 67 degrees which is below average. we do have the return have the low clouds and fog. right now this field is way out over the eastern pacific but making significant progress towards the coast. it will affect the sea shore tomorrow, inland by thursday- friday but nevertheless, we'll see some of that cooler air mass so the numbers will be coming down. air quality improves still a bit of a haze. now meanwhile pinpoint the forecast. pacifica milpitas through union city. the record high in the mid-90s, in brentwood, tray satisfy and oakley, otherwise 62 with a return of the low clouds and
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fog in bodega bay. to nearly '09 in sonoma. after tomorrow seasonal temperatures from thursday. all the way through sunday, in fact we'll throw monday in there as well. tuesday the number barely goes up. kathy munch. we love you. thank you for snapping a picture of your they are momter and sending it into mypix at i love when people do that. they want to share what it was in their back yards. i love it. >> yeah. >> everybody's neighborhood is a little bit different. >> i'm going to send you a picture tomorrow. there is a new dance crate that is creating quite a buzz. that's because people are shedding pounds while they strut their stuff. juliette goodrich shows us the new spin on fitness clubbing. >> reporter: traditional working out, a typical scene at the gym, unless you would rather turn fitness into one big party. >> are you ready to party? >> reporter: meet u jam fitness
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instructor donny morales and his u jam followers. [ cheering and applause ] >> it's a party, it's a party, we try to be careful among actual fitness class itself, it's just we're coming here to party and have a good time. >> reporter: it's a combination of party house music, road life, choreographed dance moves and, yes, the infamous boxes you jam on. >> every saturday morning, thursday, wednesday, any time there is a u jam class we feel it's so much fun. >> charity without the night club seeing and that's what u jam followers like. >> when you have the crowd and you start dancing, sweating, here everybody is just drenched, having a great time, and it's really fun? okay. this is my first time doing this class obviously. i'm convinced you don't need to know the moves, just a lot of energy. >> and you jammers have seen
11:21 pm
dramatic results. >> when i started i was 260 pounds, couldn't lift my leg, it was fun having the energy, right now i'm 190 pounds. >> reporter: and the party reaches a whole new level when u jammers decide to ditch the' robic wear for night club fashion. >> make up and big hair, those are like two hours long and -- >> reporter: a night club fitness party. >> saturday night two hours and you're partying all night. really fun, breaking a sweat and you don't each know it. >> juliette goodrich. >> shake the groove thing. you hear it all the time. what are power train warranties. all the time. what are they? >> mancini sleepworld. ,, promise me low prices.
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by jenny o, make the switch. look for jenny o at a store near you. >> well if you have ever bought a car you have heard the phrase "but what is it and what does it really mean?" in tonight's good question what is included in a vehicle's power train in automobile warranties?
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virtually every vehicle built for consumers comes with some type of factory warranty. some of the warranties are pretty good and some of them are very good. >> you can buy an extended warranty that may go to 100,000 or more. >> ed rail ton, the master mechanic at premier auto service in san ramon says most basic warranties will not cover hoses, belts and brake pads, they wear out. what you want to take a close look at is the power train warranty, the big ticket items. because if they go it's going to cost you. >> engine, 5 to $10,000. >> transmission. >> 3 to 8,000. >> transfer case. >> 2 to 5,000. >> all of those components are typically covered under the heading "power train" and all of those components will, at some point, require maintenance. often-times to keep the warranty in effect. and that is up to i the consumer to know that. >> some warranties will let you
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do it yourself. other warranties won't. but you definitely want to save your receipts and reed the fine print. some after markets would like you to change the oil every 4,000 where a manufacturer recommends every 7,000 possibly.? i need your good questions. accepted them to me at ,,,,,,,,
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west crown in a race that may not even make it to the ekend.. the giants are closing in on the national league west crown and a race that may not even make it to the weekend. fans had a premonition about jose uribe tonight. arizona leading the giants 2-0 when mike fontenot singles up the middle. the giants get the lead back. jonathan sanchez pitched well, strikes out 6 batters in as many innings, giving up two runs, fourth inning, still down 2-1, not any more. juan uribe. it's juan uribe. actually he is related to jose uribe, you know that? still down 2-1, not any more. uribe hits one. pinch hitting, jonathan sanchez, nobody mention that word please. giants up 3-2, then brian wilson gets paris swinging for his sixth win of the year.
11:30 pm
somebody put the champagne on ice. if you didn't think the padres have lost it here is your proof. the dodgers alfonso soriano hits his first home run in 57 at-bats. off mat latos, two run shot and they lose 5-2. [ applause ] >> the giants can put champagne on ice. my tickets for saturday's game probably worthless. >> lou wolf ohs his fans a explanation. where is the beef. they kickoff it up. hideki matsui grounds to second, that gives anaheim a 3- 2 lead. angels end up winning that 4-0. at number 5 aubrey huff with his back to the plate. a cushion from his second baseman mike fontenot. his name isn't fielder for nothing. prince fielder with the full stepping dive, to cap this one, but they lose to the mets 4-3. at number 3, his name isn't
11:31 pm
bird for nothing. he can fly like one. kristin bird takes it from there. number 2, carlos lee has a two- run home run written all over the it. this is the second best play in cincinnati tonight. you're probably wondering what's the first? >> raising back to the wall, the reds are central division champions. >> jay bruce with a walk-off division clinching win. that's the dust buster. they are headed to the playoffs. it's possible that he is -- his first round match up will be s against the giants. >> wouldn't that be something. >> congratulations to him. he has turned cincinnati around and if anybody deserves it dusty baker. >> a couple engagements away. >> they could have it done
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before friday. >> bravo. >> exciting. all right. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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